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Seminario “The impact of newest educational technologies on on-campus education” (2014-09-23)

El próximo día 23 de septiembre a las 16:00 se celebrará el tercer seminario de la Cátedra UNESCO titulado “The impact of newest educational technologies on on-campus education”.

Resumen: MOOCs have revolutionized distance education. Rather than to use this technology to replace face-to-face education, the more interesting question to pose is how can MOOC-like technology improve on-campus education. Both face-to-face and online settings have strengths and weaknesses. Can we take the best of both worlds and apply them to officially registered university students? If so, what are the best models? How to blend technology and physical contact? Can we use technology to better adapt educational content to the diversity of students taking regular courses? Can digital technology be used to level existing knowledge? Or to give those who need more, more in-depth knowledge? Can we enrich the classroom with input from a massive group of online learners? Several interesting opportunities arise that might improve residential education.

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